Friday, July 1, 2011


ack! Jagr didn't surprise me. Max did.

Alright Shero, now go get me Carcillo.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Craig Adams


Thanks for keeping the sexy in Pittsburgh.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Man, I haven't posted here in a while. A lot has happened since January 25th, boy. What a season. I just had to come here to post how I am feeling right now. Which is AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Mike Rupp is awesome
, but we already knew that.

"Honestly, there was a bit of a chip on our shoulders back when our big guys got hurt," Rupp said. "The hockey media across North America questioned us. When you read or hear that we're 'hanging on' until those guys come back, you take that personally. I mean, we're obviously a better team with Sidney and Evgeni in the lineup. But we're also a good team without those guys."

He thumped his thumb on his chest.

"I deserve to be here. I deserve to be in the NHL. So does every guy on this team. We've done our work. This was our opportunity to show that we're still the Pittsburgh Penguins. I didn't want to wait for help. I wanted to get it done."

I'm particularly fond of that quote because I have spent months saying, "The Penguins are a team. Of course, they are Sidney Crosby's team but they are not one guy." I mean, it feels terrible being tired of hearing about Sidney Crosby. Sacrilege. Tell me when he will play. Until then, let's focus on who is playing. Let's root for the guys that got us here. Don't get me wrong, I will be ECSTATIC when he comes back just like the next person. But just... ugh.

And I'm sure I haven't mentioned it here yet but Zbynek Michalek is ~ let me see how I can put this into words without dishonoring my love and devotion to Rob Scuderi ~ Zbynek Michalek makes me feel really warm inside. I feel safe when he is on the ice. And when he scores? uh. Let's just say I get tingly.

Kris Letang is the BEST thing. I just wanted to put that reminder here for anybody who might be reading this who at one point or another has maybe forgotten that little fact. Not me. I haven't forgotten.

And now for some pic spam because my bloggy has been neglected.

Is Alexei Kovalev the sexiest man alive? He's certainly in the running.

I'm sure the caption of this picture was something like "Look guys, it's Sidney. Sidney skating on the ice!!!!" But the caption in my head said, "AWWWW MATT COOKE! Look guys, Sidney is smiling at Matt Cooke!" Because I love and miss Matt effing Cooke so very, very much. And I don't at all think he is evil and/or the devil himself (or herself, depending who you talk to).

I just... I can't even. Is Mark Letestu the most adorable thing or what? Z and Marky hugging and smiling and being all things beautiful. It's too much. *exploding ovaries*

Oh remember how I said that one time about Alexei Kovalev being sexy? Yeah, I somehow have just forgotten all about it. Because this man here makes all of my insides explode. With all due respect to my husband and every other sexier than all get out man in the universe; Craig Adams is easily the sexiest. Hands down. No contest. Even with a fauxhawk. there are no other things that do the things to me that he can do. Maybe we all have somebody that does that kind of thing to us, for us. I don't know. Just. GAH.

Playoffs start tonight. Get yourself all tidied up and ready to party.

Let's Go Pens!!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

"It's as if he knows I am here"

Before every Penguins game, my husband and I play this little game. We will each say who we think is going to score. Sometimes we make wagers. His usually is some sexual task I must perform. Mine usually involves him doing some household chore. I say "Craig" a lot. He says "Max" a lot. My intense love for Craig Adams is well known, so my dear husband usually just rolls his eyes and hopes that his guy scores so he can cash in on some kink. Mr. Adams isn't known for his goal-scoring.

My dad bought us Penguins v Islanders tickets for Christmas. So we get to the arena a little early. We're sitting there in our seats. Me in my Adams shirtzee. I turned to him and said, "Craig is going to score tonight". He rolls his eyes and says, "pfffft. No he isn't." I, with a straight face, said, "He is. He scores every time I come to a game." We both laughed. (Note: I have been to one other game. It was game one in the first round of playoffs last year against the Senators. Craig scored but we lost.) My husband says, "If Max scores, you know what you have to do." I say, "No, there's no time. I have to clean the cat litter." He said, "If Craig scores, I'll clean the litter boxes." Then it occurs to me that my friend and I got there early at that game at the Mellon and we watched all the guys drive in and walk into the arena. I almost dropped my camera over the wall when Craig stepped out of his car (that's when I realized how intense my love for him was) because my hands started shaking. I yelled, "Love you, Craig!" like some idiot. So I told my husband that he might not score because I didn't get to tell him I love him.

So I'm giving Craig juju while he's sitting on the bench. Wiggling my fingers at him and sending him telepathic messages of how deeply I love him.

There is no scoring in this game and I know it's driving my husband nuts. It's thrilling for me because I love defense. By the third period, everybody is on the edge of their seats because we all know that it's only going to take one goal. And I am loving this game more and more as the minutes tick away. Fleury is playing out of his mind, which I sensed was going to happen anyway. He's been amazing lately and he had such swagger during warm-ups. I turn to my husband and say, "the next shift they're out. That's when Craig is going to score." And to me, Craig scoring is just him showing up on the scoresheet but to my husband it means his stick has to put the puck in. Tomato Tomahto. So the 4th line has a shift or two come and go. And then it happens. I scream and celebrate like the drunk guy in the penguin costume down by the glass and then I bust out laughing. Because how funny is that? So I turn to my husband and say, "It's as if he knows I am here." He rolled his eyes at me. I mean, I know I'm not the only Craig Adams fan in Pittsburgh but I'm pretty sure I was the only one there who was actually betting on him to score and I'm 99% positive that I was the only one in attendance (aside from him) sporting his name and number on my back.

When we got home, I hung outside with the dogs for a few minutes. When I came back in, husband was cleaning out the litter box. But he got the sex. He knew he was getting some anyway because, I mean, come on, Craig Adams scored.

Thank you, Craig, for once again being my hero.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mike Rupp!

And to me, of course. (I still think he looks older than me.)

Thank you, Jordan, for the early birthday present. Three-point night. woo!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mr. December

My love knows no bounds.

But seriously. How awesome is he?

"We've talked about how good he can be," said Bylsma, referring to conversations his coaching staff has hosted with Letang. "His development this season isn't a shock to us. Every time he goes over the boards, as far as we're concerned, he's now a shut-down defenseman. The great thing is, Kris still has a long way to go. As good as Kris is, he's going to get better."

Thursday, November 18, 2010

another reason to play fantasy football

I've always liked football. I've followed the Steelers practically all my life. But playing fantasy football opens my eyes to so many different teams. It gives you a clearer understanding of the game. I've developed a love for football beyond my team. I can name you players from almost every team that I've developed a soft spot for just by them scoring me points over the past three seasons. I won't. But I could.

Two years ago, I picked up a running back named Peyton Hillis who was given the nod in Denver's injury-laden running core. He turned out to be a fantasy owner's dream (until he too suffered an injury). So I looked him up and watched some plays. That's when I found out what he looked like. Now he plays for the Cleveland Browns and has effectively given their fans something to cheer about. And, once again, has proven to be a fantasy owner's dream. (My husband somehow managed to talk me out of drafting him but I snatched him off the waivers week 2.) It also seems pretty likely that the Browns have a lot of new female fans.

So this year, I picked up a guy named Danny Amendola, WR for the St. Louis Rams, because I thought he might have a pretty high upside. Sam Bradford is a good QB after all and it looked like Danny Boy was going to be his go to guy. I dropped him last week to grab a defense that I thought might help me out (they didn't but it turns out I didn't need them to anyway). I'm sitting here today thinking I might want to go ahead and pick him back up. So I googled him. If I was undecided...
... he lifted his shirt to help me with that decision-making process. Thank you, Danny.

(As I'm typing this, the little preview box is showing only the lower half of that picture. It's hypnotic. His belt...)


So I think next year I'm going to draft all hot guys. That will give the guys in my league something to make fun of me about... until my hotties prove that their looks aren't the only thing setting my roster on fire. This year I have Peyton Manning. Next year? Sanchez? Bradford? Although Peyton Manning has a voice that I find sexy. I think we can accept that. I'll have to rename my team though. Manmeat? I'll have to give that some thought. I'll be taking suggestions for my new team name as well as players to add to the potential roster. Oh, but don't say Tom Brady. That man leaves me cold as a popsicle.